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Finally! This blog fits "how you like to roll" perfectly! It's good to see you do what you do.


>>>"I want more than salvation, I want the Savior."

I dig that. Somewhere in Isaiah(?) it says He is our portion. Notice, this portion is not "salvation" or anything He can give us, but Him. God is our portion.

donna butler

I am so moved by God's gift to you...the writing of His life in you..I have you bookmarked.


You Rock! This stuff is so edifying!


Yes, you definitely rock!


can i be in your fanclub too? i'll have t-shirts made!!! really, you do rock. power to the passionate!


Yes......me too...


this reminds me of a song at youth:

"I'll stand,
with arms high and heart abandoned,
in awe of the one who gave it all

I'll Stand,
My soul Lord to You surrended
All I need Is You!"

then you just repeat it. its a worship song, obviously

God Bless


here it is!
this is it!
this is what is screaming through my inability to say. this is it...

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  • Living & dying daily to know God intimately - And in radical obedience & kamikazi servanthood, to carry out His life's work. ________ Having all these words be more than just words as I soul-press, excuses-crucify, life-surrender & present my body to embody the message of my friend Jesus.

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