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It's interesting... your posts never fail to hit me in some muscle-group I've long forgotten and ignored. And I revisit over and over to revisit the same passages; something new coming each time.

Yours in a unique voice, with an important message. But you already know that.

I hope you shouted loudly :)


Hello. thanks for your comments. Great to see you have a passion that longs to seek more of the Lord. Let that passion grow and shine for Him. =)

Nick Bowen

Yes, we are ogres. We don't know how far Adam fell (actually, he didn't fall, he jumped). We are so far down that the only cure is death on the cross with Christ and the impartation of a new life from God. The old life is totally, irrecovocably corrupt, beyond all hope of reformation. I think that message has been lost in our sicky-sweet platitudes and cotton-candy preaching. "Woe is me, I am a sinner" means sinning is all I can do, I need a whole new life, ogre that I am.


Hey how's it going? Very interesting post. I think in some way we are all like ogres, it's just that we don't want to admit to it out loud or even admit it at all. But hey I like being an ogre, I have lots of layers-lol.

Good thoughts though and I see your point:)


atleast you got my good side in this photo! :)


I love coming here and sometimes it just kinda stings.

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