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yay for less addictions and more holy entertainment. :) me too me too


i was out to dinner tonite with four other couples...it was amusing...they were all talking about this show and that show and the episodes they missed and blah blah...
MaryAnn...what do you watch?
uhm...the weather channel?
haha...seriously, I read a TON! i am always reading!!

oh really, what book are you in now?
uhm....trying to remember ONE of the titles of the many that i have started...and one that doesnt sound so wacky or religious...haha
"i have a few going now...i think the one i like the best is When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson...but i have so many right now..."
(uhm...truth is I read that one 3 times like 2 years ago)
Lost Art of Practicing the Presence of God
......or The Reality of the Supernatural World

....or Eyes Upon Jesus: a new look at Spiritual Warfare

...they all just didnt seem to fit the cocktails and couples there.
but we had fun...lots of good food and good fun!


and i got this email today about Ben Stein, a Jewish actor/comedian lawyer who talked on CBS how being Jewish and having someone wish him a Merry Christmas doesnt offend him..it makes him feel part of the family of brothers and sisters. Call a CHRISTMAS TREE what it is...its not a holiday tree.
and how seeing a manger scene doesnt send him in a panic.
the most impacting line in the whole delivery was when he said:
Or maybe I can put it another way: where did the idea come from that we should worship Nick and Jessica and we aren't allowed to worship God as we understand Him?
(he doesnt know who Nick and Jessica are...or care about the details of Tom Cruises new wife)

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