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what an awesome journal. your words have touched my life...inspired me. thanks.




Great quote! Love the blog! Keep proclaiming the good news.

Marla Bean

Wow. That is profound and simple. I love it.


With my eyes closed I stare at the sun,
shutters down I am blinded.
I look away and open my eyes
and sun remains in my eyes.
With my eyes open I look at the Son,
Shutters rise and I see everything,
I close my eyes and slip away
and the Son remains in my eyes.


I'm absolutely blown away by this site. WOW!


That's good. Yeah, me too. I always seem to come to that. The constant surrender. Big God...little me. Without Him...I'm nothing. Yep, I surrender.

But one question emerges...after surrender...then what? I have to get up and follow. Overcome my fears...overcome my expectations...overcome it in Christ. Relationship. Pull to propulsion. Supernatural strength!!

Just a few remaining thoughts...


Love your blog! I see you have us in your links. Wanna have your blog added to our blogs page? Let me know.

phillip, go ahead. add it to your links if you like.


Thanks! You're there now. Glad to have you on board!


Wow...yeah...so true. I need stop...and get ME out of the way so I can see I(and hang with and drink in) more of HIM.


Joash Chan

Read a few posts and studied some pictures... Loving what i find here. I'll come back.


heart laid out and somehow cleansed here.

yet there has grown in me a uncomfortable desire to pursue.
be blessed


hey thanks for visiting my site, cool site you have here, I will definately be back.


thanks for stopping by...hope to see you again.


I gaze into Your eyes and go where they are looking.

Victoria Gaines

Cool site. Blessings to you!


thats one freakin' awesome site i'll definatly be back!!

much luv from down under and God Bless


thats one freakin' awesome site i'll definatly be back!!

much luv from down under and God Bless

Mr. Larson

I -

I linked to you from Robert Bruce's site. I enjoy your views and rants . . . keep up the fight . . . we are all in it with you.

Eleanor Burne-Jones TSSF (novice)

Hi from Cornwall UK. Good stuff and I send a warm blessing. Be encouraged.


love your blog... encouraging thoughts...
thanks for stopping by mine.

have a womderful Christmas!


Enjoyed it, love ya!!!!!!!


I too love the quote and enjoy your writing. Look forward to checking in on a regular basis.


I found your blog through Awaiting Rain. I look forward to mining the riches here.



The only thing better is seeing our grown son doing that very thing!! God is so awesome!


glad I know to swim...
now must learn to drown.


"But one question emerges ...after surrender...then what? I have to get up and follow."

I'm persuaded that NOTHING follows surrender. The object is TOTAL surrender. Our Lord himself showed us "the way"..."I do nothing" He said, "The Father in me does the works".

This is hard for us because once one totally surrenders there is no I to get up and DO anything. It's like becoming a glove on God's right hand.

For me surrender is amoment by moment battle with (not God) but self. Dying to self...or not I but Christ.

I love the title of Andrew Murray's book. "Absolute Surrender"..that says it all.

There is a wonderful very old, small paperback book called "Let Go" by Fenelon, I highly recomend it for those who wish to "give up" and surrender.


Hi, who is this? :)


Just discovered your site today. I'm meditating on the Greek word anostatosantes from Acts 17:6. Paul and his band are accused of leading an uprising all over the world.

I'm trying to figure out what it means to be a revolutionary for the kingdom that lies in our hearts. Your blog is an excellent start.

Hugh White

What does WTFWJD mean? And WTF is it doing on YOUR Blog site, sister?


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In His Grip,


Aaron Yancey

You and your secrets! Glad I found this. Miss you terribly, wish you could come if only for brownies.


@Aaron: Indeed secrets...

How To Make A Guy Like You

Love the pics here. They are beautiful.


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